Choosing The Design For Your Printed Paper Bags

When you have made the environmentally friendly decision to use re-usable paper bags for your business you need to decide on a design that will attract the attention of the customer and one that will allow you to see your bags advertising your brand forever more. When you go to a high street store and you are presented your clothing item in a great looking paper bag with a logo on it you will walk proudly down the high street with it. When you arrive home your paper bag will still be intact and you will fold it up and store it away for another day; you will not simply discard it in the rubbish in the same way that you do plastic bags that have been ripped or have a hole in them.

Printed paper bags are used by all environmentally conscious high street stores and they provide the perfect solution for your business too. You can order your printed paper bags online in bulk, allowing you to choose the very best design for your business. The design for your printed paper bags is very important to you; a design that is eye-catching will go on to advertise your brand or store for free as people walk along the street with your bags in their hands.

When choosing from paper bags for your brand you should always choose a thick paper that has been recycled, and a thick base made from recycled cardboard; this way you can ensure that your bags will not break and that they will be used time and time again. When choosing a recycled paper you don’t need to choose plain brown; although this makes a statement about the fact that you are being environmentally conscious they will not stand out and attract attention.

What you need then is a design for your bags that will really stand out from the crowd and one that will allow people to stop and stare at people who are carrying your bags. When people look at the bags that others are carrying they will share an interest in your store and your brand and the chances are they will come and check you out if they have never been in your store before.

Choosing the design is therefore essential for your printed paper bags; you don’t simply want a design that will blend in with all the hundreds of other bags there are on the streets. Your bag should display your logo boldly so that people will recognize it from a distance, and the caption you write on your bag should also say something about who you are and what you do.

When you choose the best logo and slogan for your bag and print it in bold colours that will stand out you will be using your printed paper bags as a great way to advertise your brand. Printed paper bags are the future for stores in the UK and around the world, so decide on a design for your bags today and help the environment become a better place whilst you advertise your brand.


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