Finding The Right Folding And Propelled Wheelchair

Wheelchairs are bulky. There are a lot of injured people who chooses to have a walking stick than a wheelchair because of the issue in storage. Well, nowadays, folding wheelchairs are already very popular in the market. This helps in the storage of the wheelchair. Usually folding wheelchairs are also lightweight. There are stores that offer wheelchairs with a weight of 35 lbs. Well, of course it would cost some more money. They are made of aluminum and therefore cost more because a normal wheelchair is made of regular steel which is cheaper. Added to the folding feature of the wheelchair it would really cost more. Folding wheelchairs are like folding bikes.

A wheelchair can be a very bulky package and when folded would turn into a small package that you can store in the closet. When the wheelchair is folded, there are features that can be removed to make it even smaller. The wheels, armrest and footrests can be customized so when the wheelchair is folded those parts can be removed. There are more things to consider in buying a wheelchair. A person who can use their hands should buy self propelled wheelchairs. It will be difficult at first but as the time goes, they would be able to cope with the situation.

The self propelled wheelchair has bigger tires at the back. This is to accommodate their action of wheeling themselves to travel. They are saying that with larger wheels, a person can carry itself to travel and avoid curves and obstacles on the road. These are the kinds of wheelchairs that we see on the market. There are added features to these wheelchairs. Well, one is that they can be folded. There are also other features like the size of the seat. Depending on who will use it, the size of the seat varies.

For example, a child will be using it; the seat should always be for a size of a kid. If the user is on the heavier side, they would be recommended to take a heavy duty wheelchair. But if otherwise they can just take what is in the market.

The reason why wheelchairs are recommended is because they will give comfort to the one who will use it. If certain criteria will not be met, the ability to be comfortable will be useless. Cushions or padding can also be added to the wheelchair to add to the comfort points of the wheelchair. Armrest should be at the right height to support the self propelling feature of the wheelchair. If the armrest will be too high the user will not be able to push them in the right manner and would be an addition to the injury of the one who is using the wheelchair. Footrests are usually folded on the side to pave a way to standing or transporting the patient. There are also footrests that can be detached to accommodate the standing activities of the person using the wheelchair.

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