Food Ideas for Your Wedding Day

Food Ideas

Preparing for your wedding can be exciting and yet overwhelming since you need to ensure that every single detail is in place to make everything perfect. You need to take care of a lot of things such as the venue, bridal gown, groomsman’s suit, flowers, invitations, and more. Aside from these, one of the most important items that you cannot afford to compromise on is the food. Now, if you do not know what kinds of dishes to serve, here are some ideas that you can have on your special day.

Bite size
One great way of serving the main course is by having it in small sizes. This will enable you to offer more variety of dishes without exceeding your budget. Now, these will certainly allow your guests to enjoy various kinds of mouthwatering treats.

Finger food
Instead of having the conventional way of serving your food with plate, spoon, and fork, you can have it with toothpicks, on skewers, or by hand. This can be a good way of making the dishes look appealing. Also, you can save a huge amount of money in spending for cutlery expenses. You can have the waiter bring around delicious, dry treats which are attractively decorated in trays for the guests to take bite while having a nice chat with everyone else.

Fruits and Vegetables
Going healthy on your wedding day is also a great idea. Your guests will definitely adore eating fresh fruits and veggies of various kinds. These nutritious food can make them feel healthy and satisfied even if they consume a lot. And, to make these healthy treats look more attractive, you can properly arrange them on the trays to give them appealing colours.

Aside from having the traditional types of dishes made from meat such as beef, chicken, turkey, and pork, it will certainly be interesting to go for dishes for breakfast, such as waffles, tuna strips, and pancakes. You can even have some yogurt mixed with seasonal fruits and nuts. Now, these are indeed healthy and fulfilling treats that your guests will adore.

Serving some sparkling wine and other types of liquor to your invites can be replaced with fresh fruit juice or tea. This will certainly be beneficial to the guests since they will not have to worry of getting drunk when driving home.

Offering delicious dessert is one way of satisfying the sweet tooth of every guest. You can opt to serve cakes, puddings, brownies, and tarts. It will also be nice to have a chocolate fountain wherein your visitors can dip some yummy fruits or biscuits.

Extra Treat
In addition, it is ideal to get the assistance of professionals who offer popcorn machine hire services like popcorn machine hire Liverpool. Everyone will surely love eating popcorn and enjoy watching you and the love of your life happy.

By serving these delicious dishes and opting for popcorn machine hire, your wedding day will certainly be a great success and will be most remembered by all your family, relatives, and friends for enjoying such sumptuous treats.

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