Foster Segregation into Your Apartment Building


If you’re a landlord for an apartment unit, it is your responsibility to be able to initiate segregation efforts from your tenants. If you’re in an area where households are mandated by law to segregate their wastes, this becomes your legal responsibility as well. You might be held liable for your own tenants’ inability to observe segregation using kitchen recycling bins such as a simplehuman bin and other similar equipment.

Why You Need to Encourage Segregation

As a landlord, you need to understand that segregation is very important to your community’s efforts at minimizing waste disposal. You see, recycling and reusing trash will help reduce the amount of trash that has to be disposed using landfills and incinerators. By doing so, you are contributing to minimizing the amount of greenhouse gases that ultimately make it to the environment.

Ways to Encourage Segregation in an Apartment

As a landlord, of course, you have the authority to mandate segregation in the units that your apartment maintains. There are ways that you can exert your authority as a landlord and make it a must for your tenants to observe segregation.

First, you can start by talking to each and every unit. You can explain that you are now putting into the rules the use of the recycling bins like a wesco bin for home use, and that the inability to observe these rules can result to eviction. That is within your legal right as a landlord, because you are legally bound to observe segregation within your space. You can also add on to this by giving them a lecture on how important segregation is, and that it is mandated by law.

You can also set an example by putting large recycling bins in the hallways for them to put their recyclable garbage too. This will force them to segregate their own trash because they need to segregate them anyway when putting them into the common bins for collection later on. This is also good for giving out that image that you are serious about using recycling bins for home among your tenants.

Third, you have to really enforce your rules. If anyone is proven to not observe segregation in their units, you can enforce the penalties or the eviction, depending on how many times the offense has been committed. After all, if people cannot follow the rules, there should be corresponding penalties just to drive the point of the rule home.

Lastly, you can put up signs all around the building that remind everybody, including guests, to observe the rules of segregation. You can also publish the penalties that you are implementing to ensure the observance of segregation just to remind people what they are in for if they are not following the rules.

Segregation is everyone’s responsibility, but it is your obligation to make people understand the importance of segregation and the need to have kitchen recycling bins like a brabantia bin at home. With your guidance and the compliance of your tenants, the entire apartment unit can contribute to a minimized output of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

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