How To Find Affordable Wedding Sweets That Still Wow Your Taste Buds

One of the biggest issues facing newlyweds and engaged couples these days is that they can’t really pay for their dream wedding. What ends up usually happening is they make sacrifices: fewer guests, less delicious food, fewer dessert options, none of which are anybody’s first choice. Here are just a few tips for couples seeking answers to their wedding planning woes. Keep in mind that desserts are some of the most outrageously expensive wedding items that couples might have to pay for.

Brides and grooms first need to decide on a set budget to buy wedding sweets with. Choosing flavors will be the least of your worries if you can’t end up paying for everything you ordered. Finding wedding sweets on a tight budget is mainly about three things: price negotiation or leveraging, and, unfortunately, cutting back on variety of purchased treats. To the keen wedding planner, small mom and pop shops, like many of these new ones springing up, allow engaged couples to buy wedding sweets at lower prices than usual. Established bakers are still always ready to make the dreams of newlyweds a reality and provide similar price breaks to those planning a wedding.

Once you have a budget set and some locations written down, head out with your spouse and a few of the invited guests to try a few flavors and meet the shop owners. Don’t be afraid to be a little overzealous in trying exotic and expensive flavors; just because you can’t have them for everyone on your wedding day doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the flavors of today! Testing flavors for your wedding sweets is certainly one of the most memorable and stress relieving experiences in the wedding planning process. Don’t forget to bring a camera!

Be sure to designate a majority of your budget to making a personalized cake to serve the families of you and your spouse. Go with the favorite flavors of you and your spouse for the big cake, leaving all other considerations to be handled by other sweet delights. If you or a willing volunteer has the time, you can cost effectively bake a huge variety of unique home-made treats sure to satisfy all types of sweet tooth. With the remaining budget, look to classic favorites to please the most guests. Don’t feel bad if you can’t get enough for everyone to have a full piece; sharing exemplifies the meaning of the day.

If you have anyone on your guest list with diet restrictions like diabetes, be sure to buy sugar free sweets from a reliable baker and not make them yourselves on your busy, sugar coated counter top. Better yet, ask guests with sugar limitations if they have any specific sugar free sweets they prefer to eat; it will make a lasting impact if you go out and get them especially for them to enjoy on your wedding day. Coffee and chocolate liqueurs are just a few other cheap and classically favorite alternatives to traditional wedding desserts.

Write down flavors and price lists for at least five different bakers before committing to one of them; this is just one of your ways of ensuring a more affordable and, therefore, more enjoyable wedding for you, your spouse, and your guests. Often times, your food caterer or wedding planner will also be able to offer discounted rates for packaged services and coupons for things like purchasing wedding sweets. Those planning a wedding should seek out a variety of personal, local, and online resources during the process to ensure that an amazing wedding day follows the long and exciting journey to marriage.

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