How to Organize a Party


You have probably seen Jennifer Lopez’s chick flick, The Wedding Planner. And when you saw the movie, most likely you have thought right after something like this: “Wow! She has the coolest job in the world!” And from then on, you have decided to become a professional party planner. But wait, where, when and how do you start? There is no college course for party planning but with a bit of creativity and a lot (and I mean a lot) of hard work, you can pave the road to becoming a party planner (sometimes even called an event organizer) by organizing your own party first.

Save the date and place. First, you need to know when your party or event is going to take place because all the things that you need to do will be based on this date. Since this is an event that you would want everyone to remember, stick to the date and don’t move it in order to meet deadlines. Make this date your deadline. You should also book the venue as soon as possible, especially if the event occurs during a peak season, like December.

Select a theme. Whatever event or party you are hosting, it would be easier if there is a theme (not necessarily a motif) because all the aspects of the party will revolve around this theme. You can have something as simple as an English garden theme for a friend’s bridal shower or a Frozen theme for your one year old daughter’s first birthday party to something out of this world like a Lord of the Rings elvish themed wedding for you and your spouse’s renewal of vows. You can also start making decorations for the party once you have decided what the theme is.

Food and Drinks. You have to book these as early as possible. It’s preferable if you hire a catering company if there are a lot of guests because it saves time and effort and you don’t have to do the nitty gritty dirty work like cleaning up after the party. For the drinks, if your venue has a bar, an open bar is preferred, of course but if there’s none, one of the trends nowadays is hiring mobile bars.

Music and Programme. What should you hire, a band or a DJ? Should you have a formal program or just wing it? You don’t have to make a formal program unless it is deemed necessary but the goal of this factor is for your guests to have fun so like every other aspect, book the band or DJ as early as possible.

Photobooth Hire from a firm like photo booth hire Liverpool. The last but definitely not the least, this is one of the things that will surely make your party an event to remember. Wouldn’t it be fun that the day after your party, your guests’ profile pictures in Facebook will be the ones that were taken in your party’s photobooth? That would definitely be cool!

Invites. Of course, don’t forget to send out invites those containing the 3 W’s in an event (what, when where). You may either send a hard copy of an invite or an electronic one, depending on your preference and budget.

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