The proper way of having your eyes checked

A better eye sight is necessary in order to appreciate the beauty of the world. Eye sight is a very important component of our health that we should take good care of. Having a poor eye sight might affect our full functionality not only as an individual but also towards our performance. We could make a lot of mistakes due to blurry of vision and our safety might be at risk. So, in order for us to avoid the impending doom a poor eye sight might bring, better off to have our eyes checked and it should be done by professionals.

When you are scheduled for an eye exam, make sure to ask who is going to conduct the examination. It should be done by an ophthalmologist to assure correct assessment and address the problem right away. Opticians in doncaster do not only check the eyes of the patient for the sake of check up but they always see to it that they are keen enough to check every details of the eyes from the outer appearance down to the functions of the eyes.

 Eye tests doncaster usually follows to the traditional way of having your eyes checked starting from gathering information of the patients health history to be able to trace up the physiology of the signs and symptoms the patient is experiencing and its correlation to the patients subjective and objective symptoms. After which, an optician will conduct and interview and assess your eyes. The interview is very significant in order for the optician to trace up your recent eye check up and results prior to the exam proper. This will help them prevent from doing the same treatment again which could be such a waste of time and money. Next is to test the visual acuity, Snellen eye chart is a tool to be used wherein the patient should be 20 feet away from the chart to be able to test its vision. After, they are going to use a tonometer to test your eye pressure. Testing the eye pressure will help detect the risk of developing early signs of glaucoma formation. Increased result would mean that the patient needs to undergo another diagnostic test to double check the pressure of the eyes. It is very important to treat glaucoma even during its early development to prevent complications that might lead the patient to total blindness.

Also, a part of the test is to check the peripheral vision. Peripheral vision is the person’s ability to see on both sides even if they are focused staring on an eye leveled mark. This test will help diagnose if the patient is suffering from blind spots. Dilatation procedures are also an integral part in having an eye exam. This will help the ophthalmologist have a better view of the patient’s internal eye structures and check if there are any developing damages or none. Checking if the patient is color blind is also a part of the eye exam.

As you can see, having a proper eye check up will surely prevent you from developing unwanted eye diseases and lessens your rick from developing such conditions through early detection.



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