Tips on To Create Amazing Oil Painting Art

Are you in touch with your artistic side? If yes, then one of the best types of painting art is oil painting that you should do. It is interesting medium of painting. You can do it with different types of varnishes that you can prepare from several oils. For example, one of the most popular oils used in painting is linseed oil. Other popular oils include sunflower oil, walnut oil and poppy seed oil. If you are new to oil painting and located in Kent, you should contact a well-known artist in Kent to know more about different varnishes used in this type of painting. Here are some easy tips to give a more enjoyable painting experience.

First of all, choose the right palette which is the most important thing while oil painting. Put your palette in the same order by the different colors, such as you can put darker colors on the left side and lighter colors on the right side This will support convenient flow of colors.

Secondly, in order to ensure your oil painting is smooth, use a good mix of varnish and paint, as well as a set of high quality brushes. Avoid using cheap brushes because they lay their bristles on the canvass after one or two uses. Cheap brushes are also very difficult to lean.

In order to clean your quality brushes, use a good mix of liquid soap and thinner. Dip all brushes into this mixture and wipe it off with soft tissue paper. This will wipe your brushes clean and make them ready for next use.

To achieve right effect of light and dark shades, choose right color combination. To do so, you should learn the different properties of oil paints like temperature, colors value, hue and intensity. For instance, black is the perfect color for drawing an outline, shades of red are best for hues, while you can use orange color for intensity.

One common problem that you may face when oil painting is crack. This is because oil painting, especially with age, tends to crack. A simple way to avoid this from happening is to apply a thicker layer of paint over the lean one. Another good way to avoid this is to use good quality paint that wall not crack, no matter how old your painting gets.

In short, use these simple tips to have a more enjoyable oil painting experience.

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