Where To Find Handmade Sweets That Last

Are you one of those people who absolutely need to have their daily sugar fix? Having trouble keeping your pantry stocked with tasty snacks? By know you’ve learned that you can’t always be running around with chocolate in your car unless you want it to melt and make a mess. That tub of comfort ice cream isn’t always accessible either. It’ll take an expert baker to whip up a pie in time to meet the needs of the whimsical cravings of your sweet tooth. And we all know how difficult it is to send treats and food in the mail.

Those needing consistent and easy access to a sugar rush should look to rock sweets or handmade fudge. Both of these classic treats will not only wow your taste buds, but they don’t melt or make much of a mess. Better yet, you can store them right to keep them edible for much longer than normal candy or chocolate. Buy rock sweets like individually wrapped hard candies to throw in your car, they’ll always be there when you need them and they won’t gunk up your car’s interior. Fudge is great for those wanting a delectable snack always awaiting their random cravings on the kitchen counter. Unlike brownies, cookies, or other chocolates, handmade fudge won’t get stale as fast and usually doesn’t even need to be covered up.

Fudge and rock candy also make great gift ideas and party favors. Ordering them online or at a local store to ship to a friend for a birthday or other occasion is a great choice because you know they will always be ready to enjoy for months after they arrive. Furthermore, the hand-chosen flavors you can get when you buy handmade fudge in special gift packs lets you know for sure that the recipient will get something they love. Rock sweets and fudge can also be shaped and personalized to create a perfect gift for your most cherished friends and family.

Rock candy and fudge is great for backpackers and campers as well. Again, neither of them will melt, and as long as you wrap them up, they won’t stick to or break into pieces amongst your gear. They are also much easier to pack than big bags of trail mix, and taste way better than those nasty energy gels. The sugar rush provided by rock candy outpaces most of those expensive electrolyte mixes anyways, and the fudge is truly comforting after a long day of hiking. Most regular campers probably know this already though, as the fudge and rock candy shops in retail camping outfitters seem to be doing quite well.

If you are the adventurous type, you can buy rock sweets kits to make at home; all they usually require is sugar, water, and heat. Those with even the slightest bit of baking experience can go online or buy a dessert cookbook and try their hand at making fudge. Most recipes for handmade fudge are pretty simple. Following the directions will make you an expert fudge maker in no time and you can even start experimenting with your own creations! As long as you don’t mind the mess that is. At the end of the day, most people just avoid the hassle and buy their handmade fudge and rock sweets.

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